NR Electric gives strategic values for environmental friendly and renewable energy based projects. Our integrated renewable energy offerings include major solar/wind farm equipments and systems such as photovoltaic inverters, wind energy converters, SVC/STATCOM, protection, automation, SCADA, and renewable generation management systems.

The strength of NR Electric’s renewable energy generation solutions is based on our deep knowledge of electrical grids and over twenty years of experience as a key power system solutions provider. Our technology and unique patents along with the tactics for finding heart of our solutions is the key for success.

NR Electric is an independent innovator in renewable energy technology and the leader in power system protection & control. NR Electric offers integrated solutions for PV inverters, wind power converters, substation monitoring and power prediction, renewable power stations, centralized monitoring and control. With the rich experience gained from years in grid safety and stability control, NR Electric’s product range and services feature superior performance, low cost, highly safety and reliability. NR Electric fully protects the customer’s r renewable energy station and makes the renewable energy system as effective as possible for the customer.

Solutions for Solar/Wind Power Generation

  • PV Inverter
  • Wind Converter
  • Reactive Power Compensation
  • Power Forecast